What is Mixed-Use Development?

Mixed-Use Development blends two or more commercial, residential, cultural, institutional or industrial spaces that work seamlessly together in an urban setting. Mixed-use buildings can be the answer to accessibility and affordability for the housing and retail space market. It’s a way to densify when space is limited.

Contractors and developers find creative ways to make these flexible facilities work in city centres. It can be challenging, especially when building or renovating in an already established neighbourhood. Often there are building code restrictions or zoning by-laws to attend to, and the design elements must complement the surrounding buildings.

There are multiple projects either completed or in progress in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley and you may have noticed several structures going up with retail and offices on the lower floors and apartments above.

Mixed use development can build stronger communities by reducing commute times and creating a more connected neighbourhood. The multi-purpose design establishes a strong foundation for further growth.

Mill Street Project

One of our more recent commercial projects was a mixed-use building in downtown Chilliwack. This project was a major reconstruction of an existing residential and retail building, badly in need of a facelift.

Before construction began

Before construction began

All that remains of the existing structure are a few structural walls and the second floor structure.

An addition was added to the rear of the building which houses a two car garage at the street level and two modern studio apartments above.


Mill Street Project begins!

Mill Street Project begins!

The existing main floor houses two retail units and one professional space, while upstairs is a beautiful and spacious loft apartment with great views of downtown and the Cheam range in the distance.

Mill Street 5

Ready for tenants!

You can see from the images how modern the building is, yet still retains a sense of the historic district and complements the adjacent businesses even better than the original structure.

Mill Street 7

Mill Street Apartment: Welcome Home!

Mixed-use development is preferred by many urban communities looking to create a diverse, universally accessible space. The future will see more of these types of projects which will incorporate eco-friendly building techniques, historic preservation, green spaces and opportunities to celebrate the dynamics of city living.

If you have any questions about Jomi’s Mill Street project, or want to know more about commercial building and renovating, CONTACT US today and we would be happy to get back to you!