Equine Building Construction: How to make your horses happy!

Horse owners love their horses like family and want them to have comfortable accommodations and practical spaces. A comfortable barn with warm, damp-free, well-aired stalls made with quality materials is always the first consideration.

It’s also important to think about the humans who are going to be working in and around the buildings. Ease of access, room to maneuver trucks and trailers, and location of equipment, manure pile and water taps.

Items to consider when planning your horse barn:

  • Access to roads and utilities
  • Adherence to building codes and permits
  • Interior columns or trusses
  • Air flow (vents and fans)
  • Types of doors (sliding, screened, single or double)
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Windows and skylights
  • Flooring (concrete, stone, gravel, rubber matting, grills, poly)
  • Wash stalls or separate wash building
  • Location of tack room or rooms
  • Feed storage
  • Cleaning equipment storage
  • Bathroom (for people)
  • Location of manure pile

Consider building bigger than you need now. It’s cheaper to add an extra stall or two or extra storage now than trying to expand later. A great design makes for happy animals and people!

Bekevar Riding Arena

Bekevar indoor riding arena

Bekevar indoor riding arena

JOMI designed and built an 80’ x 160’ covered riding arena with one end left open to provide an 80’ x 200’ riding area on nice days. This arena features a concrete strip footing and wall foundation for maximum strength and longevity. The finished riding area include 17’ of clearance, mirrors so riders can see themselves and their horses, high bay lighting, and an attractive red and charcoal grey colour scheme.

Carefully designed, covered, well-aired arena

Carefully designed, covered, well-aired arena

Bekevar Horse Barn

12-stall horse barn with all the necessities considered

12-stall horse barn with all the necessities considered

JOMI also designed and built a 40’ x 104’ – 12-stall horse barn. It features a traditional roof line, export grade Douglas fir stalls, Triton stall hardware, a frost-proof water system, encased lighting, premium rubber stall matting, a wash bay with waterproof lighting, owners and boarders tack rooms, bathroom, hay storage, and a red and charcoal grey exterior to match the arena.

Greendale Horse Barn


Not just a pretty barn!

A traditional gambrel roofed barn with industrial finishes. This barn features a horse barn and wood shop below, storage and a living suite above.

Kelarnie Farms Barn


Smart design creates multiple uses.

A home for horses AND humans!

A home for horses AND humans!

Our Kelarnie Farms Barn project provided much more than just room for equipment! The lower level of the 2016 sq foot barn contains room for farm equipment, as well as a garage for the owner’s vehicle. There’s also a workshop and a gym for working out. Upstairs there’s enough room for substantial hay storage and a future living suite.


Contact us to help you design and build your:

  • Horse barns
  • Indoor arenas
  • Tack rooms
  • Equipment shelters
  • Farm vehicle garages
  • Farm worker accommodations


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