How to Protect Your Home or Business from Weather Damage

The forces of nature can’t be stopped, but we can take measures to prepare and protect our homes and businesses so they can withstand the elements and be protected from weather damage — Wind, rain, snow… are you ready?



The roof provides protection for the entire building and it is one of the more costly items to replace or repair. It is essential to examine your roof each season, but fall is the most important time to look for damage before winter weather worsens it. It is wise to let an expert assess the roof’s condition for safety reasons. Plus they know exactly which areas to check. They should be looking for:

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FARM BUILDINGS: From concept to construction

Our connection to the farming community of the Fraser Valley is deeply rooted, as we provide storage and protection solutions for stock and equipment. No matter the size of the agricultural operation, JOMI Construction will work with you to make your building dreams a reality.

We would be happy to discuss your agricultural project with you, anything from:

  • Horse Barns & Riding Arenas
  • Processing Facilities
  • Farm Equipment and Machine Storage
  • Buildings for livestock
  • Renovations to existing structures

What are your building needs?

  • Protection for animals and equipment
  • Crop storage
  • Hay storage
  • Indoor work stations
  • Expansion

Here are just some of the agricultural projects JOMI has worked on.

Farmhouse Renovation

This 1930’s charmer was respectfully and carefully renovated to allow its simple grace to shine through.


Updated, modern […]

Building the Best Horse Barn

Equine Building Construction: How to make your horses happy!

Horse owners love their horses like family and want them to have comfortable accommodations and practical spaces. A comfortable barn with warm, damp-free, well-aired stalls made with quality materials is always the first consideration.

It’s also important to think about the humans who are going to be working in and around the buildings. Ease of access, room to maneuver trucks and trailers, and location of equipment, manure pile and water taps.

Items to consider when planning your horse barn:

  • Access to roads and utilities
  • Adherence to building codes and permits
  • Interior columns or trusses
  • Air flow (vents and fans)
  • Types of doors (sliding, screened, single or double)
  • Lighting
  • Heating
  • Windows and skylights
  • Flooring (concrete, stone, gravel, rubber matting, grills, poly)
  • Wash stalls or separate […]

Developing Mixed-Use Spaces

What is Mixed-Use Development?

Mixed-Use Development blends two or more commercial, residential, cultural, institutional or industrial spaces that work seamlessly together in an urban setting. Mixed-use buildings can be the answer to accessibility and affordability for the housing and retail space market. It’s a way to densify when space is limited.

Contractors and developers find creative ways to make these flexible facilities work in city centres. It can be challenging, especially when building or renovating in an already established neighbourhood. Often there are building code restrictions or zoning by-laws to attend to, and the design elements must complement the surrounding buildings.

There are multiple projects either completed or in progress in the Lower Mainland and the Fraser Valley and you may have noticed […]

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Renovate or Relocate in a HOT Housing Market

The current housing market in the Lower Mainland has got many thinking about whether now is the time to try and make some money in this hot market. Depending on your situation, there are several things to consider before you hammer in the For Sale sign.

Should you sell and move elsewhere, fix up the home you are in, or sell up and rent for a while? Or are you thinking of building or buying new?

Consider Finances FIRST!

No matter what you decide to do, making sure you are financially prepared is most important. ANY renovation or relocation is stressful, and added money pressures will NOT ease the situation. Talk to your financial advisors and see if remortgaging is wise. Get clear […]

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Removing Trees from Your Property

If you own an older home, the trees on your property may have been planted years ago when they were tiny saplings, no taller than a fence post.  Many homeowners don’t consider how tall or wide a tree might grow when fully matured. New homeowners should take time to consult with an arborist or expert at a local gardening centre before planting trees so potential problems are avoided.

Tree removal can be tricky! Here are some tips and guidelines to follow when considering whether or not to cut down trees on your property:

Who is Responsible for Tree Maintenance?

If a tree trunk sits on a property line, the tree belongs to both property […]

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